What we do

We transform the employee experience through videos

Our team

We started Local Glimpse in January 2017 enthusiastic about connecting people through video. From a starting point of two founders we are now a happy team of nine. If you are like us you’ve noticed the change in society and in how people think about their jobs. We know how to use this to your advantage to create a better version of employer branding.

Let us show you how to attract the best possible talents for your business.

The agency

We work with employer branding from humans to humans and create videos to attract, onboard and retain talents. This way you can secure your long term recruitment needs by showing a glimpse of what makes it awesome to be part of your special team. 

Why Local Glimpse?

We focus on the human side

Strengthen your reputation as an employer

We live in a visual world

Build your employer brand globally on a local level

Keep up with society

Compete for talents the way you compete for customers

Scale your onboarding process

Use videos to attract, onboard and retain talents

Get started with Video!