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Employer branding is all about content, context and continuous effort

By March 26, 2019Marketing

There are multiple different ways to succeed with content creation. Even if they are no shortcuts to content creation, here are a few tips to succeed. Local Glimpse held its first event on Employer Branding on the 12th of March, where we had invited experts on the topic. Fredrik Mellander from Teamtailor gave great advice on how to make your career site attractive, and Sharon Green shared her knowledge of leadership and culture. Benjamin Kesler, Founder of Local Glimpse, also had an interesting perspective of how to use content to build your employer brand.

The baseline of content creation in terms of employer branding is to raise awareness, filter candidates and engage employees. By having a powerful employer brand, a lot will come for free. How to do it is the tricky part. However, here are some of Benjamin’s tips.

Employer Branding through the right context

Each individual is using the Internet or some sort of platform differently. Therefore you need to understand your audience and your target group. Their behaviour and how they integrate is the framework for your content creation. The mantra should be to analyse, reflect, create, publish, analyse and repeat. Everything circles around what they find interesting not what you think would be interesting to read or see. To get the message across you need to speak the language of your audience. Would you speak the same way to your kid as to a lawyer? No, and it is the same behaviour online and especially when discussing target groups and employer branding. You want your content to be seen by the right audience in order to create the right engagement. Context is highly relevant when raising your awareness and save a lot of time.

Authenticity, show who you are

Why does authenticity matter? It is important because it shows humanity and the true colours of a person or company. Some companies struggle when telling their story because they think that employees will tell the story badly and give someone false information. This should never stop you from creating authentic content. The best way to do that is to capture raw moments from your day-to-day as a team and if you have a great company or that you’re the best partner to work with, your audience will be able to see that. Build your brand in the way that others brag about it, not yourself. Being proud and authentic is one thing and putting make-up on a pig is something else 😉

Employer Branding content is a volume game

Publish it! Create a huge volume of content where you can really engage with your audience on multiple platforms. From one video or one interview, a lot of good material can be created through different angles which then makes it look new and fresh each time. Referring back to Benjamin’s first advice of context, don’t publish the same material twice, meaning the same content on different platforms. See each opportunity to engage with your audience as unique. To build a brand you have to be visible and in a noisy social feed world, volume is what will make you stick out. Your audience wants to get to know you. Make sure you have a good relationship. That will make your brand, employer brand wanted and attractive.

“Everyone is looking at content through their feeds and through different pairs of lenses. Which means that you have to reach out to employees, to candidates, to talents where they are. If you’re trying to hire a developer you should definitely not communicate in the same way as to a marketer or salesperson because they’re not spending their time on the same platform. They’re not the same.”

Benjamin talking at an employer branding event about content


Be smart when you launch it. Adapt it to each platform you post it on. Know your audience, know how to reach them and what they find interesting. That is when you contextualize your content and make it relevant. It will result in a large amount of content which will drive your marketing upward. However, continuous efforts are important, simply because there is no “I did it once” or “I made a video last year”. Last year, even yesterday is already outdated and what you have previously created might not be relevant at this hour.

Stay relevant, be innovative, and continue to tell your story.

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