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Good and bad leaders with Sharon Green

By July 15, 2019Marketing

Are you a born leader or is it something anyone can become? Why does the “boss” title attract so many people? And why are there so many “bad” leaders out there? The big debate on good and bad leaders has floated around for quite a while now but there is a specific focus on good vs bad leadership now within employee retention. Statistics show that a high percentage of employees quit their job due to their managers with other words, “employees don’t leave companies – they leave bosses,” (Denise Brandenberg). However, how could this be prevented? In order to get some answers, we asked an expert. Sharon Green has been a culture, coach and leadership consultant for over 6 years and she is the founder of The Humans Workplace Manifesto. Sharon is a strong believer in setting employees free. Let them test and try their idéas and help them overcome their own limitations. Engagement and good leadership go hand in hand. In order to begin digging a little bit deeper into this topic, we asked Sharon 3 questions.

How would you describe a good leader?

– A good leader is someone who is a great motivator and communicator. I work with personality and communication profiling. It really helps leaders to understand firstly who they are and secondly how they can communicate with others. People respond to the same message in very different ways depending on their view of the world so it’s important to understand these differences when you’re a leader. Good leaders are open and transparent with a sense of humility and kindness. They are very secure in themselves and are adept at bringing out the best in the people they work with. To be a leader you don’t have to be in a management role, it’s an accolade your peers award you based on your attitude, energy, and intention.

Why do you think “bad bosses” is such a hot potato today?

– Bad Boss, hmmm, it’s a hard one that. Here’s the thing, many bosses are in the “Boss” role because it appeals to their driven, competitive nature. It’s part of their profile and communication style. I would suggest companies need to redefine the attributes required to be a “Boss” as there needs to be a shift in management style to suit the new workplace. We need more diversity in Management across the board actually.

What is your three advice on coaching techniques?

  1. Listen, truly listen without intention to respond.
  2. Suspend judgment, this is about them not you.
  3. Be honest with feedback.
  4. Let them find their own answers.

Here you will find a video from Local Glimpse event on Employer Branding earlier this year where Sharon was one of the speakers on the topic:

We would like to thank Sharon for this interview, and if you would like to participate in such an interview, feel free to contact us for more information. 

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