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Video is one of the most effective means to grab attention and to give an authentic picture of company culture. Regular consistent posting keeps your brand at top of mind. By creating a series of video content, you ensure both cost effective and recurring messaging.


Attraction and top of mind awareness of a company set the grounds for current and potential employees to interact and have an accurate presentation of the company culture.  


Successful organizations build strong employee engagement. Regular transparent and authentic communications keep employees motivated, loyal and positive advocates of the company.


Employee loyalty is increasingly harder to secure. Video can be used to support strategies to become a preferred employer, maintain vesting and sustain and grow business.

Some examples

Founders’ story

Job story

Employee interviews

This video series was implemented to showcase Workaround work culture through interviews with its employees.

This video series presents the craft and background of different creatives in Stockholm.

How it works

The goal is to maximize the communication storytelling opportunity in all video captures.

1 day of filming can result in a 2-minute overview film for website or career fair usage. Shots will be planned from the same shot to ensure a series of 10-12 short 30 second clips. Effective series topics are for example Employee Testimonials or Company values messaging.

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