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The tech side of human resources

By June 7, 2019Marketing

The human resources department is for many businesses the heart of the entire organization. It’s the department where much of the internal structure, the culture, and growth establishes. It is the bridge between business and people and between all employees. It is a social department with a lot of responsibilities which at times could be overwhelming.  However, one of the many challenges with being an HR professional today is the relationship between time, administration and employees. Admin chores are high and the expectations on fast deliveries are even higher. How does this equal out? Technology.

Human tech.

I believe that no one has missed the hype of chatbots and recruitment robots. Tech tools that simplify a lot for many HR managers. Robots of all forms have improved life on humans for decades. Robots have been used in manufacturing for a long time, and in recent years with for example the Siri function on Apple devices. Humans tend to vision the terminator when talking about robots, which could be the underlying misconception that robots will take over the world. However, there are many positive effects of using a recruiting robot, for example, the unbiased part of recruitment. All humans have an unconscious bias that we tend to apply (TNG). The robot doesn’t apply any bias opinions when interviewing the interviewee. The robot only evaluates what the interviewee says and transform it into text. This both saves time and reduces opinions about accents, physical attributes or gender. It is a tool for recruiters to filter future employees in an unbiased way.

Future recruiters.

If the tech-bots will take over most part of the recruitment process, what will the future of recruiters be? Do we need human recruiters? We believe so. The human side of the recruitment process is and humans resources are important for both parties. If we give up our jobs to the tech-bots we will take the human out of human resources. However, it is important to take into consideration that within recruitment processes there is more than one single interview today. Using a tech-bot for the first interview allows recruiters to select the most suitable fit for the position without having to meet every applicant at the very first stage. The tech-bot will elect potential candidates based on their clarity in answers and personality tests in order to fit into the set culture etc. If the recruiters would only have to focus on the interviewees who’ve got to a second and third stage, a lot of time would be saved. But, is this ethical?

Ben having a speech on future recruitment

Ben having a speech on future recruitment

Humans in power.

Although many new technicalities will disrupt the market and challenge us, humans will always have to be the humble leaders of it (Aurore Belfrage). No matter the extent of applied robots in our lives they will still be programmed and developed by humans. Robots within HR will be used far more than just to select potential employees, they will also improve the administrative work such as contract creation. Furthermore, the technology will not take our jobs but it will help us work smarter and more effective. Although this time in history, we believe that the partnership between the IT and the rest of the organization have never been as crucial for a companies growth as it is now. Being in a technical lead will not only bring new ways of working to the table, but it will also distinguish your business and result in a competitive advantage.

Lastly, tech-bots could improve many of the recruitment processes that for the most part take between 6-12 months today due to tests, cases, interviews, not knowing what you need, biases and many other factors. However, the human meeting can never be replaced by robots. A robot can objectively approve or disapprove on an interviewee but a human has a far more complex way of thinking, meaning humans involve all 6 senses in a one to one meeting. All this should be considered when looking for the next teammate.

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