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How To Use Video For Facebook

By November 27, 2017November 28th, 2017Marketing, Others

Video is the best medium to gain exposure. How will you use it?

The latest statistics on online marketing in 2017 are out there for us to see, and one thing is clear: videos are the best way to gain exposure for businesses. The opportunity is there for all to use social media to their benefit and show people what you do, but how does one go about making a video that is tailor-made for the digital age?

Here are some things we learned.

Get viewers’ attention in three seconds

Those who have just started out making videos may see that too many people drop out of watching their videos within 3-10 seconds. They wonder if something went wrong. Know that this is the norm for all social media videos!

As people scroll through their social media feed, they are looking for interesting content that captures their interest. If a video does not immediately grab their attention, they will scroll pass it. Therefore, put something fun and surprising at the beginning, and be fast to keep up with the viewer.

You can use big, superimposed text or title on the video to grab viewers’ attention, so they know immediately what the video is about. Keep the video looking nice, but know that large texts when used the right way can be a powerful aid.

Be fast and snappy

Viewerships numbers tend to be stable after ten seconds, so put your best foot forward to win them over, and then focus on telling the story you want them to know.

This being Facebook, however, it remains true that you need to maintain attention throughout your video. The best tip to do this is be fast and snappy, showing your content in a way that keeps viewers wanting more, and don’t settle to a slower pace at any point. Show more action and interesting imagery.

Even if the video is a little too fast for some viewers, if it is well-made, they will want to see the video again and see what they missed.

Keep it short and simple

Research shows that short videos between 60 and 90 seconds are the most effective, and the optimal range is between 30 and 120 second. Less is more.

In the fast-paced lifestyle we live today, such a conclusion is intuitive. Making longer videos are not only more demanding and takes more time but it is also less effective.

Sound matters, but image matters more

Getting the sound right on your videos are no easy task. Doing so can enhance your videos as a whole, but It would be wise, however, to focus on what the viewer sees, rather than what they hear. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

Don’t be discouraged, however. People watching with the sound off can be just as engaged with your videos. What you need to do then is make sure your videos can be fully understood without sound.

How would one go about doing that? The most simple step is simply to have captions or subtitles whenever someone speaks on video. This will also help viewers understand if they are watching with sound and couldn’t understand what is said fully.

You can also encourage people to watch with the sound on, but make sure your video is about as good with the sound off.

Video format

Finally, video format matters when it comes to Facebook. Generally, you can choose between the rectangular 16:9 or the square 1:1 format. Square videos take up more space on Facebook feeds, a big advantage. Indeed, they are more effective than rectangular video formats, whichever their dimensions.

The 16:9 format does have a more professional look as if made for TV, but if your goal is to get attention and therefore maximum exposure, go with square!

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